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13 oktober 2010
15th ECSMGE-Athens 2011-Proposal of Key Persons for Technical Sessions

3rd Reminder




Dear colleagues,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 15th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering,

I wish to thank you for your collaboration up to now.


Having already collected the abstracts of papers, we are now in the process of compiling the programme of the Conference.

To this end we need also your help. We attach hereto the list and format of the Main and Discussion Sessions and we

kindly invite you to propose qualified persons from your Society who will be willing to carry out the key functions of the  

sessions, namely:

      - General Reporters in Main Sessions

      - Invited Speakers in Main Sessions

      - Chairmen and Co-Chairmen of Discussion Sessions

      - Discussion Leaders

      - Panelists in Discussion Sessions


Chairs in the Main Sessions have been already allocated to present and past ISSMGE Board Members.


Please fill-in names in the attached list, where you consider relevant and quote also the e-mail addresses of the persons proposed. 

The Organizing Committee and the Conference AdvisoryCommittee will have the final choice.


You are kindly asked to return the list to the Organizing Committee, by e-mail or post, not later than the 15th of September 2010.

 Keeping this deadline will be greatly appreciated as it will help the O.C. to prepare the 2nd Bulletin in time.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


For the Organizing Committee,


Michael Pachakis

Conference Secretary 



XV ECSMGE Secretariat

P.O.Box 26013

10022 Athens, Greece

Tel.: +30 210 6915926

Fax: +30 210 6928137

E-mail: athens2011ecsmge@hssmge.gr
Web page: www.athens2011ecsmge.org 


P.S. As regards the task of the panel presentations we should like to inform you as follows:



General Reporters:  Either a short state-of-Art on the topic of the Session or a summary of the accepted papers and proposal of topics for discussion (40 min. each)

Invited Speakers:     Presentation of particular subject(s) related to the topic of the Session (30 min. each)



Panellists:  Presentation of own work (research or case studies) or focusing on a selected part of the topic of the sessions (10 min. each)


The roles of chairmen and discussion leaders are self-understood.

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