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4 december 2012
1st Hutchinson Lecture

(Notera att SGFs styrelse gärna vill bli informerade om vilka som skickar in bidrag till de olika konferenserna samt förslag på föreläsare till Hutchinson Lecture. Meddela därför gärna denna information till info@sgf.net).

The Joint Technical Committee no 1 (JTC1) “Natural slopes and landslides” set up by the three sister geoengineering societies (the ISSMGE, the ISRM and the IAEG) decided to promote a periodical international lecture dedicated to the late John Neville Hutchinson. 

 The  Hutchinson  Lecture  was  established  to  award  a  researcher,  aged  42  or  less  at  the  time  of  the Lecture,  who  has  strongly  contributed  through  his/her  research  and  other  work  to  the  development  of knowledge in the fields of slope stability and/or landslides. The Hutchinson Lecture, which will be delivered at a JTC1 Workshop, will focus on research undertaken by the Lecturer, consistent with the topic of the workshop. 

The  Hutchinson  Lecturer,  who  will  normally  have  a  disciplinary  background  from  one  or  more  of  the domains  of  Soil  Mechanics,  Rock  Mechanics  and  Engineering  Geology,  will  be  appointed  by  vote  of  the members  of  the  JTC1  Committee,  based  upon  candidates  proposed  by  national  ISSMGE,  ISRM  and  IAEG societies.

 The next JTC1 workshop will take place in Seoul, in fall, 2014, focusing on rainfall-induced landslides. The  topic  weather  and  landslides  should  be  the  subject  of  the  Lecture  too.  The  JTC1  established  to provide the Lecturer with the costs of both trip and registration to the workshop. 

The aim of this message is to circulate the information and encourage the national ISSMGE, ISRM and IAEG societies to submit candidates’s names for the 1st Hutchinson Lecture. All proposals should be sent to the Chairman of the JTC1, prof. Luciano Picarelli (luciano.picarelli@unina2.it) by the end of May, 2013. 

Hutchinson Lecture.pdf

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