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25 maj 2011
A celebration of excellence in the global tunnelling industry

A celebration of excellence in the global tunnelling industry

Following the successful launch of the International Tunnelling Awards in 2010, New Civil Engineer in partnership with sister title, Ground Engineering, is now calling for entries for the 2011 awards which this year takes the exciting global programme to Hong Kong.

Entries are now open to any project, individual, product manufacturer or supplier in the market who can demonstrate innovation and achievement over the last 12 months.

Showcase your outstanding work and innovation on a global platform:

  • Reward your efforts with global recognition and increased interest
  • Establish your company as an inspirational industry leader
  • Enhance your profile and network with your peers

Once again, individual categories emphasise that tunnelling projects require complex collaboration, from a variety of uniquely specialised services. These awards ensure that due recognition and celebration is shared across the global industry.

For a full list of categories, and to register for this year's awards, please visit: www.tunnellingawards.com.

Why Hong Kong?
These are global awards. Tunnelling is a global business and Asian markets are at the epicentre of tunnelling innovation and expertise. With up to a dozen major tunnelling projects underway or about to break-ground, and serving as a key industry-market portal, Hong Kong is a fitting venue.

The closing date for entries is the 5th August 2011.

Winners will be announced at the specially organised awards ceremony in Hong Kong, in November. Make sure your company is represented on the global stage.

I look forward to receiving your entries,

Antony Oliver
Editor, NCE

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