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4 december 2012
Call for Abstracts - Foundation and Soft Ground Engineering Challenges in MeKong Delta
This is a call for abstracts for the first international conference on Foundation and Soft Ground Engineering Challenges in MeKong Delta organized at Thu Dau Mot University, Binh Duong City, Vietnam on June 5-6, 2013. This conference is organized to find out the optimum geotechnical solutions for preserving the cultivated area and constructing infrastructure for the people living in Mekong Delta before climate change.

Indeed, it is a great challenge for the Vietnamese Geotechnical Engineers in confronting Sea Level Rise on Mekong Delta. Therefore, finding out the optimum geotechnical solutions to preserve the culivated area and construct infrastructure in this area will play a vital role in the sustainable development of Vietnam. It is this the Foundation and Soft Ground Engineering Conference is organized at Thu Dau Mot University in 2013. I would like to send "Call for Abstracts" to you as attached file. Please visit this website for more details


Call for Abstracts.pdf
Uppdaterat 2014-02-12
Utskriftsvänlig sida
4 mars 2013
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