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11 februari 2011
Call for abstracts - Sardinia Symposium


An extended abstract (at least one but no more than two full pages) should reach the Organization no later than 15th February 2011 . Abstracts must show the full title of the paper, names, affiliations, email address and full mailing address of all the Authors, the suggested session and the requested destination (oral, poster or workshop). The abstract must clearly present background, objectives, methodology and results on a sound basis (innovative case studies, research data, practical experiences, investigations, etc.). The Author who will present the paper at the Symposium should be clearly indicated. Each Leading Author may submit no more than three abstracts. An abstract format should be downloaded from the symposium web site.The official language of the Symposium will be English. All papers must be written and presented in English. Authors will be expected to attend the conference and present their papers themselves.

Papers will be selected following evaluation by an international panel of referees. Acceptance of papers will be communicated to the Leading Author by 15th March 2011. If notification has not been received by the above date the Authors should contact the Organizers. Full papers (maximum 8 pages in length - format and instructions available from the Symposium website) should be addressed to the Organizers and received no later than 15th June 2011. Final papers will be checked by the Executive Programme Committee and papers of inadequate quality will be removed from the Symposium Programme. All papers accepted for presentation at the Symposium will be published in Proceedings available at start of the Symposium.

Abstracts should be addressed to:

EuroWaste Srl - Sardinia 2011
Via Beato Pellegrino, 23 - 35137 Padova - ITALY
e-mail : papers@sardiniasymposium.it

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