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14 september 2010
Call for expression of interest for hosting the 7th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics (ICEG)

Dear Colleague,

The 6

th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics (ICEG) will be held in New Delhi next November and I look forward to meeting you or your colleagues there. As you should be aware, the ICEG is a quadrennial event and, following approval by the Board of ISSMGE, its organisation is now the responsibility of Technical Committee 215: Environmental Geotechnics. It is timely that we start to plan for the 7th ICEG.


In order to select the host country and the venue, I am asking the members of the Technical Committee along with ISSMGE Member Societies to submit expressions of interest for hosting the 7

thICEG in 2014.


The submission should be sent to me no later than

30th September 2010 and should include a short description of proposed city and venue, likely themes and a preliminary budget focusing mainly on the expected number of delegates.


The expressions of interest will be considered by the Executive of TC215. Presentations of the proposals will be made during a meeting of the Technical Committee, to be held in New Delhi at the time of the 6ICEG, and a vote will be taken to select the venue of 7ICEG 2014.

I look forward to receiving your proposal and I hope to meet numerous delegates of your Member Society at the 6



With my best wishes,

Mario Manassero

(TC215 Chairman)

7ICEG_Application_Submission.pdf (143.33 kB)

Uppdaterat 2014-02-12
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