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25 april 2013

On behalf of TC102, we invite you to participate in CPT'14 by sending your abstracts through:


Program & Guest Speakers Released!

Registration Now Open for CPT'14: www.cpt14.com

Call for Abstracts - DEADLINE MAY 30, 2013!

The main theme of CPT’14 is the solution of geotechnical problems using the CPT, with particular emphasis on practical experience and application of research results. You are invited to submit a 1-page abstract on one of the CPT’14 Symposium main themes: 

  • Equipment, Testing and Procedures: Any aspect regarding CPT equipment, testing and procedures including standards, new equipment, testing techniques and procedures, innovative aspects including T-bar testing.
  • Interpretation of test results: Any aspect of interpretation from theoretical to empirical, including case histories.
  • Solution of Practical problems: Any aspect of applications of CPT results, including shallow and deep foundations, embankments, slopes, geoenvironmental and seismic design. 

Please submit your abstract to: P.K. Robertson at: 



Abstracts should be no more than 1-page (approx. 500 words) and contain the title, authors, and email contact address. The lead author will receive a confirmation of receipt of abstract by return email and confirmation of acceptance by mid-June, 2013

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