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3 september 2010
Final call for papers, BGC 2010, Natural Hazards and countermeasures in geotechnical

Dear ISSMGE Colleagues,


Attached is the bulletin-2 of the upcoming Bangladesh Geotechnical Conference 2010 - “Natural Hazards and countermeasures in Geotechnical Engineering”. The bulletin contains abstracts of some of the keynote papers, information about the speakers and advisory committee members.


We have received a good number of abstracts. We feel that we can manage to allow more to time to authors who could not submit abstracts within the earlier declared deadline. Therefore we have extended the deadlines as follows:


Submission of abstract – September 15, 2010

Acceptance of abstract – September 20, 2010

Submission of full paper –September 30, 2010

Acceptance of full paper – October 15, 2010


The paper format and template for preparation of final paper is also attached to this e-mail.


Please circulate the bulletin among the members of your national society.


Regards and thanks for your cooperation.


Yasin, S.J.M., Ph.D.
Honorary General Secretary
Bangladesh Society for Geotechnical Engineering (BSGE)
Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
Tel : +88-01817036073 (cell)
Fax : +88-02-9665639

Bulletin2_BGC2010.pdf (0.85 MB)

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