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21 juni 2012
Invitation – The 1st Nordic Ground Vibration Day

e are pleased to invite you to participate in the first Nordic Ground Vibration Day, which will be held on October 18, 2012 in Oslo, Norway.  The aim of NGV 2012 is to gather experts and professionals dealing with construction induced vibrations. Practical and useful standards are an important part of our profession. Therefore the event will focus on vibration standards of the different countries and their practical application.

Prof. Charles Dowding will give a thorough background and recent research results on ground vibrations damaging effect on structures. The NGV 2012 should be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and meet some of the people behind the standards. We hope that more than 80 participants will attend the event to be  held  at  the  Ullevaal  Business  Center,  close  to  NGI  and  10  minutes  with  metro  from downtown Oslo. For registration and more info see www.ngv2012.no. 

We  would  very  much  appreciate  your  participation  and/or  if  your  company  would  become  a sponsor of NGV 2012 and/or have an exhibit at the event.

 For further information please visit the following link: http://sgf.net/web/page.aspx?refid=301

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