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5 september 2011
ISSMGE TC 213 new website

Distinguished colleagues, dear friends,


I am happy to announce the launch of the new website of TC 213 "Scour and Erosion". Please go to


and have a look yourself! I am very thankful for the great support I got from my Institute to establish this website.


The preceding site of the first chairman of this TC (originally TC 33) and now president of ISSMGE, Jean-Louis Briaud


is still active and links are given from the new site to the original one to follow the history of the TC.


To increase the value of the website and to spread as much information as possible, I need the help of you all: I have installed two databases, one for photos and one for publications. To fill these databases, I ask you to send papers and photos (without any copyright restrictions) on scour and erosion to be distributed to the visitors of the website. The objective is to increase the knowledge on scour and erosion, especially to enhance the close cooperation of geotechnical and hydraulic experts. This can only be done by exchanging information. So please support this vision that Jean-Louis Briaud had established when founding TC 33 and that we now try to pursue.


With many thanks in advance for your support and kind regards


Michael Heibaum

Chair TC 213

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