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10 november 2011
ISSMGE TC211 International Symposium & Short Courses

To the national secretariats of ISSSMG - for distribution to the national members


Dear colleague,


Please find enclosed the 2nd announcement with programme & registration form for the ISSMGE TC211 International Symposium & Short Courses on “Recent  Research, Advances & Execution aspects of Ground Improvement Works”,  that will take place from 30 May to 1 June 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.


Registration is also possible via the conference website www.bbri.be/go/IS-GI-2012 (early bird registration at reduced rates until 15 January 2012).

An overview of the accepted abstracts (almost 200 !) can be downloaded from the website.


We would like to ask you to distribute this information to your members and/or other possible interested contacts.


Thank you in advance.


Best Regards,

Serge Varaksin & Jan Maertens, Chairmen TC 211

Noël Huybrechts, Secretary TC 211

Uppdaterat 2014-02-12
Utskriftsvänlig sida
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