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28 maj 2009
Problem med hotel inför ICSMGE i Alexandria
Dear Colleague,
The situation regarding hotel rooms in Alexandria for the 17th ICSMGE has become critical, whether you will book accommodation through the conference or directly. There are multiple events occurring in Alexandria during the same period, and hotel rooms are in great demand. The conference hotels (and rates) are listed on the conference website: www.2009icsmge-egypt.org. We can hold bookings at the Helnan Palestine, Sheraton Montazah, and Radisson SAS only until [B]10 June[B]. We can hold bookings at the other hotels only until [B]10 July[B]. Regrettably, we cannot be responsible or liable for booking rooms for participants beyond these dates. We will try to help, but cannot promise success. We encourage you to register for the conference as soon as possible, either using the online facility (where you may pay your fees by credit card) or by fax registration (and paying fees by wire transfer). Registration details are available on the conference website, along with conference Bulletin 3, and other information of interest. With thanks and regards, 17th ICSMGE Organizing Committee

[B]Early bird registration[B] is extended till [B]6 June[B]! - see the website : www.2009icsmge-egypt.org

Let us all make 17th ICSMGE in Alexandria a great success!

Looking forward to meeting many of you there,

With my best regards and wishes,

Roger Frank
VP of ISSMGE for Europe

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