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4 oktober 2010
SEAGS AGSSEA Journal: 2010, 2011, 2012 and Beyond
Dear Friends & Colleagues,

The Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society was formed in 1967 and is now nearly 43 years old. Recently we have the Association of Geotechnical Engineers of Southeast Asia (AGSSEA), which includes Vietnam, Taipei, HK, Thailand, and Singapore. We also take part in the activities in Indonesia. The Journal of earlier SEAGS and now SEAGS-AGSSEA is forty years old. Over the years it had very valuable papers. Dr. Erwin Oh is preparing a CD of the papers published up to now.

Recently, Dr. Ooi, the current SEAGS President and former AGSSEA President as well, initiated intense activities to make the journal a leading one. Under his leadership now we have articles which will take us to Mid.2012. We are also working hard to have six years from 2012 in line with other leading journals. The December 2010 Issue will go to print in about two weeks.

We are now asking the help of Geotechnical Specialists to contribute to the journal as well as to make special Issues where the Readers can find very useful material for immediate use. For the 2011 issues the Guest Editors are Prof. Jie Han, Prof. Tatsunori Matsumoto, Prof. Chang – Yu Ou and Dr. Dariusz Watanowski .   For the 2012 Issues we now have Prof. Charles Ng, Prof. Ikuo Towhata and Prof. Malek Bouazza. We also have commitments from KK Phoon, Colin Leung of NUS.

We look forward to your kind support. Our Web is still under improvement. But can be referred to at

Good wishes: We invite articles from Practitioners and Academics and Researchers. 

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2012 Issue.doc (29.5 kB)
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