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10 augusti 2010
South-East Asian Geotechnical Society Journal: Calling for Good Quality Papers: Kindly
Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Dr. Ooi Tic Aun, the new President of SEAGS has a taken a Leadership role in upgrading the quality of the Journal. Some details of the Journal are

(1) It started in 1970

(2) Earlier there were only two issues

(3) Now we have quarterly issues.

(4) Southeast Asia and other countries in the region are the fastest growing zone in terms of Geotechnics

(5) We very much welcome good quality practice oriented papers and special issues on themes such as Ground Improvement, Deep Foundations, Slopes etc.

I used to teach at AIT in Bangkok for the period 1973 to 2001. Now I am teaching in Griffitrh University here. I was the Secretary of SEAGS from 1973 to 2001; there after I keep close contact with the SEAGS activities.
We should be most grateful for whatever help you can give us.

Twice retired, I am only helping the President and Editor of SEAGS,

Kindest regards

Uppdaterat 2014-02-12
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