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2 mars 2021
11th International Symposium on Field Monitoring in Geomechanics 2022

Dear Member Society,


I am writing to you with news about the 11th International Symposium on Field Monitoring in Geomechanics that will be held at Imperial College London in September 2022. Attached is the First Bulletin for the event and I would be grateful if you could circulate it widely amongst your local communities with encouragement to save the date. I will circulate a second bulletin in a few months’ time.

Best wishes,



First Bulletin: FMGM2022.pdf



Dr Andrew Ridley

Chair of 11th ISFMg local organising committee

Mob: +44 (0)7802154965 email: andrew@geo-observations.com
Uppdaterat 2021-03-02
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