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Webbinarium: Groundwater control for construction
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Datum3 september 2021
Tid08:45 - 09:30

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Groundwater control for construction

Föredragshållare: Dr Martin Preene, Dewatering Specialist, Preene Groundwater Consulting

Groundwater is a common problem in excavations associated with basements, foundations and tunnels. If not adequately controlled and managed during construction, groundwater can cause a range of geotechnical problems, including running sands, excessive ground loss, base heave and collapse of excavations, resulting in additional costs and time delays. This presentation provides a background to the more commonly used methods of groundwater control and dewatering, and includes a review of the techniques used for groundwater control by pumping (sump pumping, wellpoints, deep wells, ejector wells) and for groundwater control by exclusion (cut-off walls, grouting, artificial ground freezing). Particular applications and challenges of groundwater control are discussed.

Speaker biography
Dr Martin Preene is a civil engineer with 35 years’ experience of dewatering and groundwater control with contractors and consultants worldwide and has worked extensively on major tunnel projects in the construction and mining sectors. He widely published in the field of groundwater engineering and is co-author of the textbook Groundwater Lowering in Construction – A Practical Guide to Dewatering, now in its third edition. He is a past Chair of the British Geotechnical Association (BGA).

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Uppdaterat 2021-08-25
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