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YEG Webinar Series
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Welcome to YEG Webinar Series

Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to inform you thatYEG is going to initiate the "e-YEG" webinar series as a monthlypresentation day of multivariate topics related to Engineering Geology. Each month a YEG presenter (under 40) with a Senior one will present a 45min presentation each on a selected topic. The invited speakers are coming out fromYEG committee and after kind consideration from IAEGmembers.

It is a really good opportunity regarding the overall lockeddown situation and all the travel limitations to provide some knowledge to IAEGmembers and not only via the proposed webinar. The registration (current Zoom licence enables 100 participants) has been overbooked in almost 4 days from the first announcement in YEGsocial media and webpage. As a result andin order to let more people follow up those series, it could be a good suggestion to stream thiswebinar series live on YEG Youtube Channel and YEG Facebook page. In addition, YEG committee are preparing more actions to enhance the Engineering geological field and promote the inter-relationships among our members.

Path: search for YEG IAEG's Zoom Meetingor subscribe to IAEG YEG on Youtube.com

Day: the first YEG Webinar Series is on June 18, 2020.
Time: 13:00 UTC (GMT)
Speakers: Dr. Vassilis Marinos & Dr. Louise Vick

Please click https://mcusercontent.com/a9fb57846c769f467423ee6c9/files/44f6e30a-26db-4dab-b75e-1854da5a1e21/eYEG_1.01.pdffor the first poster of the YEG Webinar Series.

Contact Information
Efstratios Karantanellis
Ing.-MSc in Applied Earth Sciences
Specialization Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Management
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Faculty of Geology -Laboratory of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology
mob.+30 6947243602


Our mailing address is:

Iaeg Secretariat

No. 508 West Huancheng Road, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China

Shaoxing, 33 312000


Uppdaterat 2020-06-16
Utskriftsvänlig sida
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